Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Four Tones and Water

I shared the analogy of the tones and their bird equivalents. Now, I'll share the water comparisons that Taylore shared.

Which Tones would you put with a slow moving river, or a still lake, waves crashing against the beach, or a bubbling brook?

Can you guess which ones are which?

Tone I = bubbling brook
Tone II = a slow moving river
Tone III = crashing waves on the shore
Tone IV = a still lake

I absolutely love these images of us all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Levenger Pens

Recently, I started thinking about Tone III items other than clothing and jewelry.  And one of my favorite catalogs, Levenger, showed up in the mailbox. For anyone that likes writing and the feeling of a good pen in the hand, Levenger is a great company and catalog.
This was the first time I looked through the catalog with a Tone III perspective. I found one really beautiful pen that satisfied all the Tone III elements - radiance and our words: dynamic, rich, textured, angled, sure and substantial. They call it Chesterton Espresso - bad name, but tell me if you agree.

Friday, December 2, 2011

VOTE! Is this a Tone III?

Okay, so sometimes I'm not sure. I'm still learning and still wondering sometimes when I see outfits.  So, I've decided I should enlist your help. Let's put it to a vote! Every once in a while, when I come across something - I'll ask you guys what you think.  This is our first one:

This one is from the Soft Surroundings catalog. It's a beautiful green plaid jacket called the Cambridge Jacket.  They included this jacket in their blog, too.